Euro Headache Index 2012

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mars 2012
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Euro Headache Index 2012
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[L'Indice Européen des Maux de Tête 2012]
As many as 50 million Europeans suffer from headache and migraine, for many with handicapping effects. Compared to other large diseases, there lacks outcomes data to tell what are the best therapies and if prevention matters. The first Euro Headache Index (EHI) compares in what way 29 European countries address and take care of headache and migraine, by healthcare and other measures. The Netherlands comes out number 1 on good headache environment, followed by Germany, Denmark and Austria.
The 2012 EHI looks into the following areas: Patients rights and information, Professional awareness and education, Access to healthcare, Medication/treatment and Prevention. In total there are 34 indicators for measurement.
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