Child safety report card 2012: Europe summary for 31 countries

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juin 2012
European Child Safety Alliance (ECSA)
Child safety report card 2012: Europe summary for 31 countries
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ISBN: 978-1-909100-67-1
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[Bulletin de synthése sur la sécurité de l’enfant 2012: résumé de l' Europe pour 31 pays]
The Child Safety Report Card Europe 2012 - Summary for 31  Countries was developed as part of the Tools to Address Childhood  Trauma, Injury and Children’s Safety (TACTICS) project, a large scale  multi-year initiative that is working to provide better information,  practical tools and resources to support the adoption and  implementation of evidence-based good practices for the prevention  of injury to children and youth in Europe. The initiative is lead by  the European Child Safety Alliance of EuroSafe, with co-funding and  partnership from the European Commission, RoSPA, the Nordic  School of Public Health, Maastricht University, Swansea University,  Dublin City University, the European Public Health Alliance, and  partners in more than 30 countries.
One of the objectives of the project was to review and expand the set  of Child Safety Action Plan indicators and standardised data collection  tools to continue to monitoring and benchmarking progress in  reducing child and adolescent injury as countries moved from planning  to implementation.  The Child Safety Report Cards 2012, Child Safety  Profiles 2012 and Child Safety Report Card 2012 – Europe Summary  for 31 countries are the result of this activity.
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