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    • Maladies, Violence, Statistiques
    • 2009
    • Rapport
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    [Données et information sur la santé des femmes dans l'Union européenne]
    This report “Data and Information on Women’s Health in the European Union” provides a short overview concerning women’s health.
    This report provides an overview of the main topics, as a necessary first step for further work. Of course, much more could be done in all the areas covered for example in the mental health area on “violence against women”, or in the lifestyle areas on smoking and alcohol.
    Nevertheless, this report provides an overview of issues related to women’s health across the EU Member States also including EEA countries. It highlights gaps and special topics where research and more information are needed.
    Some of the principal findings of this report are the following:
    - The main causes of death in women in the EU and EEA are cardiovascular disease (CVD) and cancer,
    - Women are particularly affected by mental health problems such as depression, dementia and Alzheimer’s,
    - There is a great need for further research into how certain diseases affect women in particular.

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