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    • 2012
    • Rapport
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    [Mise en œuvre du cadre européen pour la réduction de la consommation de sel: Résultats de l'enquête des États membres]
    This report is an overview and synthesis of responses to a questionnaire sent to Member States in February 2010. The questionnaire sought to capture activities at national level from mid 2008 until the end of 2009 that had taken place within the context of the common European Union Framework on voluntary national salt initiatives (the ‘Framework’). The survey is an informal tool to gather information and to enrich the discussion within the High Level Group on Nutrition and Physical Activity (the “High Level Group”) on coordinating efforts to reduce salt intake among the European population. Responses were received from all 29 participating European countries, the 27 Member States of the European Union (EU) plus Norway and Switzerland.
    The nutrient that should be reduced is sodium. As mostly sodium is consumed in the form of sodium chloride, which is salt, the High Level Group decided to communicate about ‘salt’ and not ‘sodium’, as this is also better understood by the public. This is why this report mostly refers to the term ‘salt’. The amount of sodium is multiplied by the factor 2.5 to give the equivalent amount of salt.
    This report does not prejudice or replace the report provided by the Council Conclusions of June 20101 which will be issued by the European Commission in the next year. The reporting period of the present document can be considered to cover the first two years of the Framework, i.e. 2008 and 2009.

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