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    • Violence, Accidents et blessures, Statistiques
    • 2014
    • Rapport
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    The fifth edition of “Injuries in the European Union” presents an EU-level summary of the most recent injury statistics, covering the years 2010-2012. This report presents data from the European Injury Data Base (IDB) on non-fatal injuries treated in emergency departments at hospitals, complemented by data from WHO-Europe and Eurostat on respectively fatal injuries and hospital admissions.
    The IDB is a unique data source that contains standardised cross-national data on the external causes and circumstances of injuries treated in emergency departments. Thanks to IDB we can present a comprehensive picture of the entire spectrum of accidents and injuries and the wide range of risk factors involved. This is much needed for guiding prevention actions.
    The members of the IDB-network, i.e. the national bodies which collect and share data in accordance with a common methodology, are to be congratulated for their efforts to enhance the reporting on the burden of injury and its external causes and circumstances at national and regional as well as at EU level.
    EuroSafe acknowledges also with thanks Rupert Kisser (Austrian Road Safety Board KFV) and Steven Macey (Swansea University) for collating all the statistics and IDB-data presented in this publication and for producing the fifth edition of the report on Injuries in the European Union.
    This report has been produced in the framework of the JAMIE-project which has received funding from the European Union, in the framework of the Health Programme.

    Reports with data from the European Injury Data Base (IDB) are available on the EUROSAFE website.

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