Young people and drugs

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août 2014
Young people and drugs
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[Les jeunes et la drogue]
Flash Eurobarometer 401
This survey builds on the work of previous reports in exploring young people’s perceptions of and attitudes towards drugs, including:
• Self-reported use of cannabis and new substances that imitate the effects of illicit drugs.
• Sources of information about drugs, including their effects and the associated risks.
• Perceived ease of availability of drugs.
• The perceived health risks associated with occasional or regular use of various drugs, including alcohol and tobacco.
• The appropriate legal status of a range of currently illegal drugs, as well as alcohol and tobacco.
• Opinions about the best ways for authorities to tackle drug problems.

Results are analysed at the overall EU28 level and (where sample sizes permit) at country level, and by a range of socio-demographic groups. Where possible, comparisons are made with the results from 2011.
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