Evaluation of the governmental strategy and action plan 2010-2014 of Luxembourg regarding the fight against drugs and addictions

Date de parution
novembre 2014
Langue: Anglais
ISBN: 9789052537573
pdf, 5991 Ko, 62 pages
[Evaluation de la stratégie et plan d'action gouvernemental 2010-2014 du Luxembourg en matière de lutte contre les drogues et les toxicomanies]
On request of the Luxembourg Ministry of Health, the Trimbos Institute has conducted an evaluation of the Governmental Strategy and Action Plan 2010-2014 of Luxembourg regarding the fight against drugs and addictions.
This evaluation report starts with a summary, followed by chapter 2 with a short description of the objectives, the structure and the priorities of the Strategy and the Action Plan. Based on this we identified the key questions for the evaluation.
Chapter 3 describes the project methodology and activities.
In chapter 4 we present an assessment of what has been achieved in the period covered by the strategy and action plan based on a survey (questionnaires) and a face-to-face interview round among stakeholders. In Annex 4 we summarize these achievements in a balance sheet.
Chapter 5 describes the results of a SWOT analysis assessing the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the Drug Strategy and Action Plan based on the findings from the questionnaires and the face-to-face interviews with stakeholders.
Chapter 6 follows with a discussion of findings based among others on the focus group with key stakeholders.
Finally, in chapter 7 we present recommendations for the new Drug Strategy and Action Plan.

This publication can be ordered at the Unit International Affairs (ftrautmann@trimbos.nl).
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