Cross Border Care EU - How to choose the best hospital? A study of hospital information portals in five European countries.

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novembre 2011
Health Consumer Powerhouse
Cross Border Care EU - How to choose the best hospital?
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ISBN: 978-91-977879-2-5
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[Soins de santé transfrontaliers dans l'UE - Comment choisir le meilleur hopital? Une étude sur les portails d'information hospitalière dans 5 pays europééens]
It seems as if the movement for cross-border healthcare in EU – eventually - will open
borders and – reluctantly - deliver information to support informed choice among patients and consumers.
Here the care consumer can become a powerful player – when aware of the performance gaps in healthcare and if ready to act to get the best out of the stressed industry called healthcare. In this study we have portrayed five EU countries looking for major Internet portals of hospital information. In Europe these portals are the state of the art, most likely to be followed by many more as the healthcare integration of the EU advances.
Benchmarking of hospitals and doctors is a matter that engages care consumers. When the Health Consumer Powerhouse for this report asked patient groups to give us their view of this kind of information systems we got massive response around Europe. More than 1 000 answers – all time high for a Patient View survey– indicate that people take an interest but still do not really know how to use these tools and how to interpret the answers.
But still there is a long way to go, as not even these top notch portals, built for years with a lot of money, seem to deliver what consumers and Internet visitors really look for. The new EU cross-border care directive steps up the information requirements. The implementation of the new Directive will mean everything: empowerment to patients, assisted by dedicated governments and engaged partnerships - or disillusion and fragmentation, as today´s opaque situation mostly remains, satisfying reluctant bureaucracies?
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