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    Présentez-vous un risque d'ostéoporose ? Voici 19 questions simples qui vous permettront d’évaluer votre santé osseuse.
    Une femme sur trois ou un homme sur cinq sont concernés par l’ostéoporose. L’ostéoporose fragilise vos os et provoque des fractures osseuses qui peuvent donner lieu à des handicaps sévères.

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    • Editeur: Ministère de la Santé - Direction de la santé
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    • 2012
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    [L'apport en sodium pour les adultes et les enfants]
    This guideline provides updated global, evidence-informed recommendations on the consumption of sodium to reduce NCDs in most adults and children. The recommendations in this guideline can be used by policy-makers, technical and programme planners in the government and various organizations involved in the design, implementation and scaling-up of nutrition actions for public health and prevention of NCDs, to assess current sodium intake levels relative to a benchmark and develop measures to decrease sodium intake, where necessary, through public health interventions including, reducing content in manufactured food, food and product labelling, consumer education, and the establishment of food-based dietary guidelines (FBDG).
    The guideline should be should be used in conjunction with potassium and other nutrient guidelines to develop and guide national policies and public health nutrition programmes.
    The reduction of sodium intake in the population is a cost-effective public health intervention for preventing NCDs and is one of the nine global targets selected by Member States for the prevention and control of NCDs.

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    • Editeur: Organisation Mondiale de la Santé (OMS) [World Health Organization (WHO)]
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