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    • Grossesse et maternité, Petite enfance, Statistiques
    • 2008
    • Rapport
    • Anglais

    [Rapport européen sur la santé périnatale: de meilleures statistiques pour une meilleure santé pour les femmes enceintes et leurs bébés]

    This report presents the EURO-PERISTAT perinatal health indicators from 25 participating EU member states and Norway as well as data from three other European projects on perinatal health (SCPE, EUROCAT, and EURONEOSTAT). It is organised into two parts. The first is a narrative section, in which the EURO-PERISTAT indicators are described along with summary tables and graphs. The contributions of the three other projects are included here.

    The second section consists of complete data tables on the EURO-PERISTAT indicators. The order of countries in this report follows guidelines established by the European Union. Countries are listed alphabetically following their official names in their own languages.

    The EURO-PERISTAT indicators are presented by theme in the narrative section of this report:

    • Characteristics of the childbearing population
    • Health services
    • Maternal health
    • Fetal and neonatal health.
    • Within each chapter, core indicators are presented before recommended indicators.
    • In the data tables (Appendix B) all core indicators are presented first, followed by recommended indicators.

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