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    • 2011
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    [livre blanc EHRA: La situation actuelle en matière d'électrophysiologie cardiaque pour le Luxembourg]

    The White Book contains information about the current status of cardiac electrophysiology in many European countries.

    The EHRA’s White Book has become a reference for those seeking information about invasive rhythm procedures in Europe and the Mediterranean area countries. No other publication provides such a comprehensive collection of data from this region of the globe. The process of gathering the data for the White Book is complex and necessarily involves different sources among which the national scientific societies play a major role. The principle followed is to obtain the best possible evidence. Despite this, the disparity of the data sources produces some heterogeneity and some of them are based upon raw estimation from the national scientific societies.

    However, the principle that some data is better than no data was followed in this book, and when data come just from estimation, this is clearly indicated in the book.

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    • Editeur: European Society of Cardiology (ESC)
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