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    • Santé mentale, Politique nationale
    • 2005
    • Communiqué
    • Français

    Présentation du rapport Rössler sur l´évaluation et la poursuite de la décentralisation de la psychiatrie au Luxembourg. En application de la déclaration gouvernementale qui prévoyait que la décentralisation de la psychiatrie, initiée sur base du rapport Haefner de 1993, soit poursuivie, ce rapport fait le point sur la situation actuelle en la matière.
    Le professeur Rössler a présenté ainsi ses propositions pour poursuivre la réforme de la psychiatrie au Grand-Duché actuellement en cours.

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    • Editeur: Ministère de la Santé
    • Politique internationale, Santé mentale, Travail
    • 2010
    • Rapport
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    [La santé mentale et le bien-être sur le lieu de travail – protection et intégration en période difficile]
    Mental health problems have become one of the leading causes of work absenteeism and early retirement all over the European Region. The current economic recession and its effects on the job market are likely to add to the problems in employment and quality of life experienced by people with mental health problems and their families.
    This publication reflects the presentations given at a WHO meeting on mental health and well-being at the workplace in 2009. It suggests ways to respond to the challenges that modern working life presents to mental health and well-being and to overcome barriers to employment for people with mental health problems. It also discusses opportunities for integration and empowerment given the global economic downturn from the viewpoint of service-user and family-caregiver associations, enterprises, trade unions, politicians and researchers. It is essential reading for employers and policy-makers in the European Region and beyond.

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    • Editeur: Organisation Mondiale de la Santé (OMS) [World Health Organization (WHO)]
    • Maladies, Santé mentale, Statistiques
    • 2011
    • Rapport
    • Anglais

    [Atlas 2011 des céphalées et des ressources dans le monde]
    Despite that headache is felt at some time by nearly everybody, and almost half the world’s adults at any one time have recent personal experience of one or more of the three very common headache disorders, much is unknown about the public-health impact of these conditions. It is not known how, or how much, they affect many of the populations of the world, or how healthcare and other resources are utilized to mitigate their effects.
    This first global enquiry into these matters illuminates the worldwide neglect of this common health problem, and reveals the inadequacies of responses to it in countries throughout the world.
    In the WHO European Region, 80% of adults (aged 18–65) have suffered from tension-type headache, and 15% have experienced migraine over the previous year, according to the “Atlas of headache disorders and resources in the world 2011” by WHO and Lifting the Burden.

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    • Editeur: Organisation Mondiale de la Santé (OMS) [World Health Organization (WHO)]
    • Santé mentale, Statistiques
    • 2012
    • rapport
    • Anglais

    [La santé mentale en période de crise économique]
    This report summarises the presentations and discussions at the Workshop on Mental Health in times of Economic crisis, held at the European Parliament in Brussels, on Tuesday, 19 June 2012. The aim of the workshop was to exchange views on the detrimental effects of the economic crisis on the mental health of European citizens.

    • Date de parution:
    • Editeur: Parlement Européen [European Parliament]
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